Glue-Trapped Alligator Lizard

So I had a pretty rare morning. I went outside to check something, and apparently someone put a glue trap between my house and the next. I found this small lizard helplessly stuck to it with no way out. Both front arms were tucked under itís chest. Itís tail wrapped around, stuck under itís chin. And both back legs were glued under itís tail. Even just thinking about getting it out seemed impossible, then after that, how would it even survive if it couldnít move. But I wasnít going to leave him like that, so I sat down and went to work. I slowly pried him off with some sticks, easing him off little by little, despite long globs of glue stretching like gum.

Once I finally got him off the trap all it could do was open itís mouth. It felt threatened at first, wanting to bite me. I went and got a bucket with some water, a little dish soap, mineral oil and some q-tips. I submerged a q-tip into the soapy water
  and started rubbing it on him. Soon enough his legs started becoming free and he wanted to escape, but still could not move freely. I put him into the bucket and let his body soak for a bit. He finally started wriggling around a bit more, but kept falling over from how sticky he was.

I took him to the garage sink, wiped him off and put a final coat of mineral oil on him. I took him out into the sun where he closed his eyes and seemingly took a nap for several minutes. When he was ready, he climbed out on his own and into my hand, up my arm, then back down into my hand again. It closed it eyes and laid there for a bit, before I finally placed him back into the bushes.

Please have a look at these 22 photos to see the process. It was pretty surreal.

This is the glue trap after taking him out.

Here he is after I pried him loose. You can see how bad of shape he was in.

Back legs are free as he soaks for a bit.

Left arm free.

Working on the right arm and fingers.

Rinsed off and with all limbs loose.

Rubbing off the sticks and small rocks that were stuck to itís head and body.

Getting the hang of walking normally.

Getting some sun.

After a short nap he looked ready to come out on his own.

At first he seemed unsure of coming out.

Then he was ready.

He climbed into my handÖ

Öand up my armÖ

Öthen turned back towards my hand.

He kept looking up at me.

Then he started flicking his tongue out.

I really like how this shot came out :)

I thought he was ready to jump off right then and thereÖ

Öbut he circled around into my palm again.

He closed his eyes and laid there for a few minutes.

Then he said goodbye before I put him into the bushes as I wished him good luck.

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